Pre and post-sale services
As a confirmation of its will for fulfilling the obligations towards its customers, airprotech has equipped itself with a range of services and supports so as to satisfy even the most demanding customers:

• Annual maintenance contracts with
periodical analysis of the process
• Ordinary/extraordinary mechanical and
instrumental maintenance of the plants
(also manufactured by others).
• Extraction and sifting of active carbon.
• Extraction and replacement service of
• 24-hour preferential phone line (holidays included) in case of emergency for the
• Modem-driven remote assistance for
checking the plants and remote control.
• Supervision and automation, PLC/DCS software
• Customer service for dangerous activities.
• Service for obtaining financing and authorisation documents.
• Consulting.
• Insurance policies for the plants supplied.
• Experts in various technologies.
• R.C. and damages to things and persons belonging to the customer.
• Indemnity for repairs during the 24-month warrantee period.
• Indemnity for the technological risk.